Do You Have What it Takes to Survive in Rome, NY?

Find the Tactical and Camping Gear You’ll Need in an Emergency at Plan B Emergency Preparedness LLC

As financial adviser Howard Ruff once said, “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Knowledge and preparation are the keys to being able to survive any kind of disaster or emergency. Whether it’s a natural or a man-made situation, you should be ready to handle whatever comes your way.

Plan B Emergency Preparedness carries everything you need to survive a man-made or natural catastrophe, including:Camping gear
Tactical gear
Long-term food storage
Water filtration systems
Surgical kits

We want you to be ready in case of a weather-related tragedy, the next world war or a viral outbreak.
Visit our Rome, NY location to find everything on your survival list.

We carry the gear every bushcrafter wants

Our goal is to provide you with the supplies you need for survival. We carry all the tools a bushcrafter could want, Including knives, fire-starting tools, ropes and shelters. You can also find plenty of food and water supplies, from water filtration devices to long-term food storage buckets.

Come to our store for the hands-on experience of trying things out before you bet your life on them.

Will you be ready to exercise self-reliance?

For the last three years, Plan B Emergency Preparedness has been getting people in the Rome, NY area ready for any kind of impending disaster. We’re the only store in the area that carries the survival gear you can’t live without. We’d bet our lives on the quality of the goods you’ll find here.

We’re happy to offer advice on all of our products and show you how to use them. Stop in today, or call to find out about our seasonal discounts.

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