Where Will Your Calories and Nutrition Come From?

Where Will Your Calories and Nutrition Come From?

Plan B Emergency Preparedness offers long-term food storage supplies in Rome, NY

When you have no one else to rely on for your survival, food becomes one of your most basic requirements. Plan B Emergency Preparedness carries food supplies that will remain edible until you need them.

We’re an authorized dealer for Wise emergency supplies, including:

  • One-month buckets
  • One-year buckets
  • Two-year buckets
The capacity of each bucket and the number of people and servings per day will affect how long your food cache can keep you going. Visit our Rome, NY location to speak with survival experts and stock up on food that will keep you and your loved ones alive in an extended emergency.

Get food that you can store until you need it

In times of panic, the grocery stores may empty out in no time. Fresh food won’t last long, either. Many of the buckets we carry feature a 25-year shelf life. The food inside is safely stored in Mylar pouches. You’ll find everything from breakfast cereals and granolas to soups and entrees, as well as sides and drinks.

Contact Plan B Emergency Preparedness to learn more about your long-term food storage options.