Will You Be Able to Navigate Troubled Waters?

Will You Be Able to Navigate Troubled Waters?

Find water filtration systems at Plan B Emergency Preparedness in Rome, NY

In cases of chemical warfare or an extended natural disaster, could you trust the local water supply? Would you feel safe drinking water straight from Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake or even nearby Delta Lake? Plan B Emergency Preparedness carries all kinds of water filtration systems, including:

  • Water purifiers
  • Drip water filters
  • Water purification tabs
We carry the entire Katadyn line of water filtration pumps and hanging systems to make sure the water you need to survive is filtered and safe to drink in times of emergency. Visit Plan B Emergency Preparedness to learn more about the different types of water filtration systems we carry.

Looking for water storage devices and hydration packs?

Being able to filter and purify water is key to survival, and so is storing it. We carry a wide variety of hydration packs and storage devices, including water bottles, storage bags and carriers. When you’re well-equipped, you will always have access to the water you need. Contact Plan B Emergency Preparedness today so you’ll be able to safely drink all the water your body needs in Rome, NY.